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Catherine Wheel

Adam and Eve

By Storm Thorgerson

Signed by: Storm Thorgerson


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Adam and Eve

Limited edition of 125

Adam and Eve

Limited edition of 125

About Adam and Eve

This limited edition silkscreen print features the album artwork from Adam and Eve, the fourth full-length album by Catherine Wheel. Adam and Eve featured more adventurous instrumentation than any prior Catherine Wheel LP, completely shedding the heavy metal sound of their previous studio album, Happy Days. Some of concerts promoting this album recreated the cover art as a live performance, featuring actual nude models positioned in boxes onstage behind the band members. An alternative album cover design was released in some European countries, featuring primarily a green cover with only a few of the nude models in boxes in the center. Another alternate cover design was released to Wal-Mart stores which featured a zoom-in of a piece of the original US artwork (without any nudity). A weighty Somerset paper has been used for this edition, printed in archival inks by the renowned Coriander Studios in London.




Catherine Wheel

Designed by:

Storm Thorgerson

Signed by:

Storm Thorgerson

Published by:

Storm Thorgerson, London, UK

Limited edition of:


Printed by:

Coriander, London, UK



Image size:

19 x 19 inches

Paper size:

25.5 x 33 inches