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Ginger Baker


By David Scheinmann

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Limited edition of 25 & 5


Limited edition of 25 & 5

About Hellraiser

This portrait of Ginger Baker has been published in two different archival inkjet editions, one large and one extra large! Both make a huge impact. They are not album cover art, but when our friend David Scheinmann, the artist, approached us with this story we couldn't resist. "I was approached to take press photos for BBM, the acronymically entitled project for Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Gary Moore. I visited the studio where they were laying down the final tracks for a meet and greet with the band to prepare the way for the upcoming photo shoot. Jack Bruce was talking to a CD cover designer about a re-imagining of the classic Disraeli Gears cover, while Ginger was beating out a take in the drum booth. Suddenly it came to an abrupt halt which was met with a barely contained resignation from the mixing desk. 'Everything alright Ginger' to which came his reply….'Na got my f***ing sticks the wrong way round' A few days later at the photo shoot I found myself organising the fellas into the necessary band shots for the labels press requirements, mixed in with some individual portraits. It was like flower arranging in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, trying to coral these wilted blooms into ever more aesthetic bunches. When it was time for Ginger's portrait the stylist hustled him into a leather trench coat and onto the set in front of my Irving Penn, Worlds in a small room, painted backdrop. He stood there lost in his cigarette, when Jack and Gary had a moment of ironic rock 'n' roll mischief. They wheeled an old studio prop behind him without him even noticing. The angel wings. I scrambled to take the picture as quickly as possible, which is not that quick on a 5/4 plate camera. The flash went off and Ginger was awoken from his reverie. He looked round, saw the wings and said 'I'm not standing in front of these f***ing things'. And that was that. Just one frame. Imagine my surprise when Jack and Gary later insisted on having it for the cover of their one and only album entitled Around the Next Dream released in 1994. A happy accident, that turned into a seminal image over time. Ginger used it on the cover of his Hell Raiser autobiography. Printed onto a Hahnemühle Photo Rag by the artist.





Ginger Baker

Designed by:

David Scheinmann

Signed by:

David Scheinmann and Ginger Baker

Published by:

hgEditions, Hypergallery, UK in 2014

Limited edition of:

25 & 5

Extra details:

Embossed by Publisher

Printed by:

David Scheinmann


Archival Inkjet

Image size:

26.5 x 34 inches

Paper size:

36.5 x 44 inches