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Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin II

By David Juniper

Signed by: David Juniper


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Led Zeppelin II

Limited edition of 195

Led Zeppelin II

Limited edition of 195

About Led Zeppelin II

This limited edition silkscreen and inkjet print pictures the famous Zeppelin airship imagery in an album cover design by David Juniper. In 1970, David Juniper was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package for this design, which was based on an old photograph of the Jasta Division of the German air force during World War One. The German air force used Zeppelins as airships for bombing military and civilian targets during the war. After the picture was tinted, the faces of the four members of the band were airbrushed on from a 1969 publicity photograph, as well as the faces of band manager Peter Grant and tour manager Richard Cole. The woman in the picture is Glynis Johns, the mother from Mary Poppins. Her presence in the photo is an obvious play on the name of recording engineer Glyn Johns. The other face added was that of bluesman Blind Willie Johnson. The cover also pictured the outline of a Zeppelin on a brown background, which gave the album its nickname "Brown Bomber". Led Zeppelin II was Led Zeppelin's first album to reach number one in the UK and the US. This print combines silkscreen and inkjet on a Somerset Velvet paper.




Led Zeppelin

Designed by:

David Juniper

Signed by:

David Juniper

Published by:

Dekkel Fine Art, UK in 2007

Limited edition of:


Printed by:

Kaleidoscope, UK



Image size:

25.5 x 17 inches

Paper size:

33.5 x 30 inches

Limited edition of 195