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Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin IV

By Jimmy Page

Signed by: Jimmy Page


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Led Zeppelin IV


Led Zeppelin IV


About Led Zeppelin IV

A rarity, in that this limited edition silkscreen print features album cover art designed by the musician themselves - Jimmy Page in this case. Featured classics such as Stairway To Heaven, Black Dog and When The Levy Breaks, Led Zeppelin IV is regarded by many people as Led Zeppelin's finest album. Having been involved in the original artwork creation, this piece has been hand signed by Jimmy Page as both the artist and artiste. A very exciting piece of Rock and Roll history! The oil painting portrait on the front of the album was purchased from an antique shop in Reading, Berkshire by Robert Plant (or a Zeppelin roadie, depending on which verson of events you believe!). The painting was then juxtaposed and affixed to the internal, papered wall of the partly demolished suburban house for the photograph to be taken.The house and surrounding area are by Butterfield Court in the Eve Hill area of Dudley - it has been suggested that the use of Eve Hill was an in-joke ["Ev-il"] by the band. The tower block on the back cover is of Butterfield Court (not of the now demolished Prince of Wales Court, as has been said erroneously in the past). On a clear day, thanks to its height and position on top of a ridge, Butterfield Court can be seen from Wales, over 45 miles away. The print affords us the chance to view the gatefold as a whole and fully appreciate the juxtaposition of city and country that the band set up. It was printed on a weighty Hahnemühle paper in 28 colours.



Led Zeppelin

Designed by:

Jimmy Page

Signed by:

Jimmy Page

Published by:

Dekkel Fine Art, UK in 2005

Limited edition of:


Printed by:

Kaleidoscope, UK


Silkscreen in 28 colours with Spot Glazes

Image size:

33.5 x 17 inches

Paper size:

39 x 24 inches

Limited edition of 250