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Disco Biscuits

Picasso in the Sand

By Storm Thorgerson

Signed by: Storm Thorgerson


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Picasso in the Sand

Limited edition of 100

Picasso in the Sand

Limited edition of 100

About Picasso in the Sand

This limited edition silkscreen print features artwork originally conceived by Storm Thorgerson and his team for Disco Biscuits, and their 2010 album, Planet Anthem. The idea evolved from thoughts of footprints in the sand, but Storm felt the footprint should become seomthing more like music, an artform, and so the final concept was for a drawing in the sand...something recognisable to all as being art, hence Picasso. Storm told Hypergallery: "I thought this image was my closest representation of music - a piece of art that fades away like a musical note as soon as it is executed." The image was not selected by the band, who favoured the wrapped virgins image you can see also on Hypergallery, under the album title Planet Anthems. Picasso in the Sand was featured on the back of the CD release, but Storm was keen to make this image as an art print because he felt very personally attached to it. A weighty Somerset paper has been used for this edition, printed in archival inks by the renowned Coriander Studios in London.




Disco Biscuits

Designed by:

Storm Thorgerson

Signed by:

Storm Thorgerson

Published by:

Storm Thorgerson, London, UK

Limited edition of:


Printed by:

Coriander, London, UK



Image size:

15 x 16 inches

Paper size:

21.5 x 28 inches