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De La Soul

3 Feet High and Rising

By Toby Mott

Signed by: Toby Mott


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3 Feet High and Rising


3 Feet High and Rising


About 3 Feet High and Rising

Published in 2014, this De La Soul original print is the result of a meticulous reworking of the original photography for the 3 Feet High and Rising LP sleeve, alongside the original sketched proposal made by the Grey Organisation to Tommy Boy Records. The spirit of the cover art design is revived in glorious day-glo and the result is an artist print that transports us back to the Daisy Age with one glance. The print, just like the original artwork, is the product of a two stage process worked on by the artist along with two different printmakers: the faces of Plug 1, 2 and 3 were printed in archival inkjet to achieved a clean b&w photographic image, over which the cartoon-like illustration has been hand-pulled. We knew we needed to capture the day-glo spirit of the original design but fluorescent inks simply aren't available for inkjet so we turned to Lynne at Hippo Screenprinters in Essex who was the perfect match for this project. She produced the most outstanding edition from Toby Mott's artwork; the hand pulled printing mirrors the feel of the cover design and more to the point, of that original sketch submitted to Tommy Boy records by the Grey Organisation. Toby Mott recollects the original design: "We have come up with the 'Daisy Age' visual concept. De La Soul visit our loft where we lay them down on the floor facing up, their heads making a triangle. We layer the brightly-coloured hand drawn flower designs made with Posca paint pens on acetate over the black and white photographic portrait print, which is rostrum camera copied. This is well before the time of Apple Macs and scanning. The intent of the design of De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising LP cover is to be new and bright, with the overlaying of the fluorescent flowers and text reflecting a synthetic pop cartoon look, not a reworking of some earlier hippy ideal. If anything, it is almost a loving parody of the 'Daisy Age' label that De La Soul has been given. This is a move away from the prevailing macho hip hop visual codes which dominate to this day. The downtown NY club scene embraces De La Soul, a meeting of minds as we dance the nights away to the sounds of 3 Feet High and Rising. It's as fresh today as it was, 'back in the day'." Each print has been signed and numbered in pencil by Toby Mott and embossed with the official stamp of the Grey Organisation.




De La Soul

Designed by:

Toby Mott

Signed by:

Toby Mott

Published by:

hgEditions, Hypergallery, UK in 2014

Limited edition of:


Extra details:

Embossed by Publisher

Embossed by Estate

Printed by:

Senecio, Oxford, UK and Hippo Screenprinters, Essex, UK


Silkscreen and Archival Inkjet

Image size:

20 x 20 inches

Paper size:

25.5 x 26.5 inches

In 2014 we launched the day-glo delight that is the De La Soul '3 Feet High and Rising' print. Artist Toby Mott was interviewed at the event, talking about his memories of the original commission from Tommy Boy and the process of revisiting the artwork with us to create an original print.