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Ellis, Beggs and Howard


By Storm Thorgerson

Signed by: Storm Thorgerson


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Limited edition of 100


Limited edition of 100

About Homelands

This is a limited edition silkscreen print of the album artwork from Ellis, Beggs & Howard's album, Homelands. Storm told Hypergallery, "Ellis, Beggs & Howard was a band from the Eighties consisting of three very different characters from diverse backgrounds. They liked the idea of marketing their ethnic diversity by calling their debut album Homelands – a musical homeland for whoever felt connected to or even disconnected from their real homeland. In cahoots with fellow designer Keith Breeden, we came up with the idea that totems or masks representing different tribes would indicate the borders between different tribal homelands. We devised three such totems or masks (for the three band members) which Keith then proceeded to make from old boilers and motorbike parts and which we then carted to a wild part of Spain to erect on poles and photograph by natural light, standing eerily like metal gargoyles guarding the musical homelands of Ellis, Beggs and Howard". A weighty Somerset paper has been used for this edition, printed in archival inks by the renowned Coriander Studios in London.



Ellis, Beggs and Howard

Designed by:

Storm Thorgerson

Signed by:

Storm Thorgerson

Published by:

Storm Thorgerson, London, UK

Limited edition of:


Printed by:

Coriander, London, UK



Image size:

19 x 19 inches

Paper size:

25.5 x 33.5 inches

Limited edition of 100