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Peter Gabriel


By Nils-Udo

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Limited edition of 100 and 25


Limited edition of 100 and 25

About Ovo

OVO is one of a collection of limited edition archival inkjet prints published to celebrate a catalogue of truly remarkable and unique soundworks by Peter Gabriel. As Peter Gabriel describes it, "OVO is the soundtrack for the live Millennium Dome Show in London in 2000. It layers Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Australian and European elements against a mostly contemporary British backdrop. From 12th century hurdy gurdy to didgeridoo, from the pulsing rhythms of the Dhol Foundation and the nostalgic brass of the Black Dyke Band, from Arab laments over drum and bass to meditative moments with string section - the soundtrack is a really eclectic mix. It is also a story of forbidden love." The stunning cover for this album was created by Nils-Udo and is an outstanding example of this artist's ephemeral creations in nature. Nils-Udo talked to Hypergallery about the project: "My first contact with Peter Gabriel was a phone call from him asking me if I would be interested in creating a cover for a new project that was in conception. He was aware of my work and invited me to the Real World Studios in Box in England to discuss the project. The meeting went very well and it was arranged for me to return to Box to carry out the installation. I created the nest on the pond at Real World. It was supported by tree trunks, so was a very heavy structure. I was very pleased with this installation, but of course it couldn't stay in place on the pond, so was moved to Peter's garden nearby. Unfortunately the gardener was unsure of what to do with it, so set it on fire. I was not too upset by this as much of my work is transient and the record is the photograph I take." It really is wonderful to be able see that photograph sensitively reproduced in this print, at a size that allows us to appreciate the beauty of Nils-Udo's work. Ovo comprises two editions: a smaller print (the edition of 100) and a larger print (the edition of 25). Every print in this collection has been signed by Peter Gabriel himself.




Peter Gabriel

Designed by:


Signed by:

Nils-Udo and Peter Gabriel

Published by:

Real World, UK in 2010

Limited edition of:

100 and 25

Printed by:

Senecio, Oxford, UK


Archival Inkjet