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Peter Gabriel

Scratch My Back

By Marc Bessant, Steve Gschmeissner

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Scratch My Back

Limited edition of 100 and 25

Scratch My Back

Limited edition of 100 and 25

About Scratch My Back

Scratch My Back is one of a collection of limited edition archival inkjet prints published to celebrate a catalogue of truly remarkable and unique soundworks by Peter Gabriel. Steve Gschmeissner discovered this image via a scanning electron microscope which uses a finely focused beam of electrons to construct a 3D image of each specimen that can be magnified up to a million times. Real World designer Marc Bessant who selected and developed the image expands, as he told us "I was struck by how simple, honest and sensuous the music was sounding with just the two elements, Peter and the strings. Two was important: two parts, two acts, two songs, two albums. A shared experience, one dependent on the other. I wanted the images and colours to be seductive and sensual (touching on sexual), perhaps even a little tense, a relationship between one another. The eventual micrograph of corpuscles was perfect. So graceful and calm, yet with all the passionate, fleshy associations that blood carries." Scratch My Back comprises two editions: a smaller print (the edition of 100) and a larger print (the edition of 25). Every print in this collection has been signed by Peter Gabriel himself.



Peter Gabriel

Designed by:

Marc Bessant, Steve Gschmeissner

Signed by:

Marc Bessant, Steve Gschmeissner and Peter Gabriel

Published by:

Real World, UK in 2010

Limited edition of:

100 and 25

Printed by:

Senecio, Oxford, UK


Archival Inkjet