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Gentlemen Without Weapons


By Storm Thorgerson

Signed by: Storm Thorgerson


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Last few available


Last few available

About Transmissions

This limited edition silkscreen features the album cover artwork created by Storm Thorgerson and StormStudios for Transmissions, the 1988 album by Gentlemen Without Weapons (Kenny Young, Nick Glennie-Smith and Vic Coppersmith-Heaven) which was made using digitally sampled natural sounds and no musical instruments. The production of this photograph was one of those occasions on which Storm's avowed policiy of doing it for real turns out to be a real nightmare of an event. Televators called for huge wooden telegraph poles, bulldozers, pile drivers and teams of helpers to erect the poles in conditions which were, according to Storm. "truly abysmal, comprising acres of wet slushy mud, wind and driving rain. Whichever memory I dredge up serves only to confirm a suspicion of implicit madness, be it the awkwardness and sheer weight of the poles, or persuading luckless friends and models that they were perfectly safe sitting on top (and how they wouldn’t die of exposure or vertigo)." And there they are sitting atop their poles, stretched out across the landscape transmitting their message skywards. Mental transmissions form a line of thread like beacons of old, receivable at a distance, the message free from ground interference, free from the business of everyday life. The messengers atop their special poles saying save our planet, save the earth from its own suicidal tendencies. This message can only be successfully transmitted if human transmitters do it together, focussed, in concert, combining the energies of lots of people at the same time. Fanciful you might say but overwhelmingly desirable, and inimitably Storm Thorgerson. The edition has been printed on a weighty Somerset paper by the esteemed Coriander Studios in London, UK.

Limited edition of 100



Gentlemen Without Weapons

Designed by:

Storm Thorgerson

Signed by:

Storm Thorgerson

Published by:

Storm Thorgerson, London, UK

Limited edition of:


Printed by:

Coriander, London, UK



Image size:

19 x 19 inches

Paper size:

25.5 x 33.5 inches